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Residential Generators

Cummins Onan Home standby generators

Why You Need a Home Standby Generator?

Power outages are increasing in number & severity. There are many causes.

  • Ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes (Weather Channel - Hurricane Central)
  • An aging power grid stretched to capacity
  • Wildlife in a nearby transformer
  • Human error by utility employees
  • A backhoe mistake on a construction project

Some people try to get by with a portable generator, but unless you're an electrician, there are risks in that approach.

  • Will the portable have been exercised regularly to ensure it will run?
  • Will there be enough fresh gas to run it for an extended period?
  • How will you hook it up in the dark during a thunderstorm?
  • Will it have enough capacity to power the appliances and lights you need?

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Comfort, security and convenience are things you can depend on with a Cummins Power Generation residential generator … just in case the power goes out. It is easy to forget how much we depend on power. We use it for everyday essentials like heating, cooling, security, refrigeration, lights, cooking and bathing. With power outages occurring more and more frequently, it is good to be prepared. A Cummins Power Generation standby generator can give you peace of mind and the ability to live your busy life, uninterrupted.

Generally, a Cummins Power Generation residential home standby generator set offers many features not found on portable generator sets, such as a more sophisticated control system, a fully weather–protective enclosure, significantly quieter operation, and more capacity so you can power more conveniences. It goes on automatically when you need it and shuts down automatically once main power is restored. It is connected directly to a fuel system and your home’s electrical system so you won’t have to fill a gas tank or manually transfer power from the utility to the home standby unit.

Cummins Residential Generators 

Not sure what kind of generator will suit your needs? We can help with a full line of options:

Why should I choose Cummins?

Cummins Power Generation is part of Cummins Inc., a global leader in reliable power. Here are just some of the many things we are proud to power:

  • Ram® pickup trucks with diesel engines
  • Close to half of the big-rig semi trucks on the road today
  • The Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore
  • Hospitals, data centers, banks and other large, critical facilities across North America
  • Special Extended Warranty Offer: July 1-17, 2015 Download Mail-In Rebate Form

Plus, millions of boats, RVs and commercial mobile vehicles — everything from fire engines to food trucks — use our generators. In other words, Cummins and Cummins Power Generation are synonymous with reliable power.

Residential Generator Sales Contacts

Branch Territory Name / Email Phone
Newark, NJ Derrick Thomason 973-690-3662 office
Harriburg, PA
Bristol, PA
George Wicks
215-826-1221 office
215-285-9359 mobile
Rocky Hill, CT Rusty Graham 860-721-2236 office
Glen Burnie, MD
Manassas, VA
Frank C. Assaro 443-690-2985 mobile

Note: You should not attempt to specify and install a power system on your own. Electrical connections must be made and fuel systems installed by qualified and licensed personnel. Improper installations present hazards, which can result in personal injury or property damage. Please contact a licensed residential electrician and your local natural gas or propane supplier for these services. In all cases, you should consult the local generator sales representative at Cummins Power Systems to help you properly evaluate your needs and specify the right equipment.